Amazon, GoodReads as well as a host of sites dedicated to Autism have provided informative reviews for ‘A Parent’s Guide to Coping with Autism’. We have highlighted a few notable ones below, but please feel free to visit Amazon or Goodreads to find out what people are saying about A Parent’s Guide to Coping with Autism.


Go-to Bible for Autism

As a holistic health practitioner with nearly 20 years experience of working with Autism, I believe this book will become the go-to bible for parents who have just had their child diagnosed.

Sarah Ziegel offers first-hand experience having lived every aspect of what she writes about with her own 4 Autistic children. She guides parents through how to get a diagnosis, the professional help that can be called upon and how to get the best out of a meeting with health professionals. Unlike many other books on Autism, it deals with the emotional rollercoaster that parents go through in the early stages, from their own inter-family relations to dealing with outside life situations, and how to come through it stronger. The book gives excellent advice and insight to understanding what the child is going through too. She points out easily missed behaviours and signs and gives down to earth can-do advice. This book is easy to read and can be dipped into at any point for tips on feeding, sleeping, siblings, toileting etc.

One of the especially useful themes in this book is the advice it offers helping parents overcome the relationship issues caused by the strain of an Autism diagnosis.

Sarah is an absolute inspiration to parents, having walked her talk and come out the other side positive, witty and still happily married to the father of her children. I will be recommending this book as a resource to all my newly diagnosed families.

Lilias Ahmeira
Holistic Practitioner

Practical ideas. Great insights

“Sarah Ziegel’s experience of fighting for her boys and their education has given her great insights that she shares in her book. Sarah does a fantastic phone in too, with practical ideas for parents struggling to get help from their local authorities. Well worth following.”

Samantha Silver
Founder and director Action- attainment

Everything is possible

“There is nothing better on a summer’s morning than a cup of tea and a good book. Sarah Ziegel sent me her book last week to review and I can’t put it down. She has FOUR children with Autism, FOUR ABA programmes and FOUR very happy children. She has created a fulfilling life for her whole family against all the odds and proved EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE! Well done Sarah, you are amazing and thank you for your book.”

Jo-Ann D’Costa –Manuel
Autism Parent Empower