Practical idea, great insights …

Sarah Ziegel’s experience of fighting for her boys and their education has given her great insights that she shares in her book. Sarah does a fantastic phone in too, with practical ideas for parents struggling to get help from their local authorities. Well worth following.

Samantha Silver
Founder and director of Action- attainment

My newest ABA tutor!

15168843_1441353255892682_8852514705057008624_oThomas (17) helping his little brother Marcus (8) with his spellings homework on this rainy Sunday morning.

Thomas and his twin brother, Benjamin had ABA tutors for 8 years, our middle son also did ABA for 6 years and Marcus has had ABA tutors for over 6 years now so in our house, everyone is an ABA tutor.

Nutritional supplements instead of prescription meds

For those who are not familiar with bio medical treatment , there are natural alternatives to drugs such as Ritalin or sleeping pills.

Our boys, two of whom additionally have ADHD take nutritional supplements. One did have Ritalin for a year age 7 when he was frequently smashing windows and could not sit still at all. I was not keen for a lifetime of drugs so we sought alternative help.

The boys were treated for a few years by a wonderful qualified Doctor who specialised in autism but since then they have been treated by nutritionists. Nutritionists don’t just talk about diets.

Supplements such as Theani15123415_1446323838728957_2355426377098480441_one (found in green tea) and 5 HTP are given but you do need specialist advice and shouldn’t try to treat your children without a recommended expert.

Anyone interested in finding out more, look at the Treating Autism website or Lilias Ahmeira’s facebook page.