Snow, Snow, Quick, Quick, Snow.

It’s a snow day! yay! Another day off school. Another day to go sledging.

My boys love it.  We haven’t had any real snow in London for five years so I don’t blame them wanting to make the most of it while it snows.

They can cope with a total change in routine. They don’t mind getting a bit cold and wet. They have no fear and would whizz down the icy hills for hours if I wasn’t freezing and dragged them back to the car.

The only downer was Hector had a proper Btec exam today and really wanted to get it over and done with. I had been chanting ’10 mins of revision and you will never have to do science ever again after Friday’ just to try to get him motivated.  We finally agreed to try and drive him to his school last night for him to stay over but the roads there were treacherous and we couldn’t risk it. Safety is more important than an exam. I do feel bad for not getting him there but I couldn’t do it.

All four boys have been snowed off for two days. Just two days, but it feels like that endless twixmas period when you have to keep them occupied and still do everything else. Dear direct payments providers, can we claim snow day hours please?

I keep thinking of those other parents who work, who rely on schools to be open and of course, those parents whose children are more affected by autism than mine are. There was a family today with a boy, probably on the spectrum, who kept walking in the middle of the sledging lane, in danger of a collision. He slipped over and howled miserably. He wasn’t hurt but he yelled like he was. He was so out of his comfort zone.

My boys in contrast have no fear and seemingly, very high pain thresholds. Thomas slipped badly yesterday and landed on his back on a sharp step. He dusted himself down and got on his sledge, a fall was not going to stop him sledging. All the boys went flying down the hill with no cares, no fear. I have learnt to watch and hide my fear for them. What if they hurt themselves? what if they collide with a tree? I myself am pathetic, a big coward. I wouldn’t get on a sledge. But, their Dad came today and he got on his childhood sledge which is over 50 years old and down he went too.

I feel for the parents who hear the joyful words ‘It’s a snow day’ and are not joyful at all. Who need that respite break that school brings. Who rely on tutors or school to look after their child for a few hours. I hope for them that the snow clears soon and the daffodils come out and life is again manageable.

But we will enjoy these few days, making memories, having good old fashioned fun with our happy, pink cheeked boys. But just for a few days, I am longing to see those daffodils again too.



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