PIP forms and a bit of ‘wabbing’

I posted on my Facebook page recently about having to complete three sets of PIP forms in a short timeframe as my three older boys are now over 16 and need to convert from DLA to PIP.
I just rang to get a stay of execution for returning all three sets of forms. I took advice on my page, thank you to one of my followers, ‘healer, heal thyself’ . I advise others but often forget I need to heed my own advice so I booked an appointment for help checking over the forms before I send them. But, it’s not for two weeks, so now I can do some more…
‘Wabbing’ – a term someone else added to that thread (thank you) which behaviourists will get; aka ‘work avoidance behaviour’. This is going to be my new ‘go to’ expression.
Legitimate wabbing – I am printing reams of paper and finding all the reports from last year, of which there are so many, due to the EHCP transfers.  Why am I having to do EHCP transfers and PIP transfers all at the same time? Answers on a postcard.
The reports include Ed Pysch reports (20 pages) social assesments of care needs (12 pages) and care and support plans (10 pages) plus random psychology reports and school reports and anything else I can add to the pile. And, all to the power of three. I will use them to extract pertinent phrases and attach them in entirety to the forms, when I complete them.
Medium legitimate wabbing – writing bits for EHCPs, doing direct payment returns, liasing with college/school, paying carers, cooking boys’ dinner and a hundred and one boring household chores.
Downright wabbing – internet shopping, cruising airbnb sites for holiday accommodation, meeting friends for coffee and a walk (if friends have ASD children and we discuss things like EHCPs, does that make it legitimate?) some reflexology for me as I haven’t had any therapies for years, stroking the cat.
Maybe even writing this blog is a form of wabbing too? I can justify writing as marketing for my book ‘A Parent’s Guide to Coping with Autism’ –  but this is not really a marketing blog so borderline wabbing?

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