Another day in the rain – or not?

J took a day off so we could drive all the boys down to Brighton. It was pouring down as we drove. What would we do all day in the rain?
The sky was blue by the time we reached the coast and we had 2 hrs of sun,  picnic and a photo shoot on top of the cliffs at Seven Sisters. I realised that I never have photos of me with the boys as I am always behind the camera so we took some and then some more.
By the time we headed to Brighton, it was raining again.
Occupying four boys in the rain is never easy.
But… we spent 2 hrs… yes, 2 whole hours in one restaurant. Terre a Terre, my favourite ever restaurant, vegetarian plus it does all the options in gluten free too! Strangely, I am the only one who needs to be gluten free. We trialled it with the boys in the early days after diagnosis and it made no difference at all to them. It was a big treat for all the boys as a celebration for Thomas’ Mo Farah shield and passing his level 2 maths.
I sat there with all the boys being so grateful for being able to do so.
Years ago, we could never have taken them all out. They would be running around, they couldn’t sit still and they wouldn’t eat anything on the menu. We gave up taking them even to places where we could eat outside as the were ‘runners’ and would disappear. We never managed to eat outside of our home, even fast food restaurants were a nightmare unless there was a soft play area onsite.
It has taken years for them to reach a stage where they now behave nearly appropriately, aside of what might be almost normal teenage behaviour.
The difference years later is beyond anything I ever dared hope for.
We are on catch up time now. Catching up on family events like all being able to eat out

together and enjoying doing so!
All we need now is an endless supply of cash to pay for some more meals out. Feeding a family of six which includes three hungry teenage boys is always going to be an expensive treat.  But, it means it remains a treat and something we never take for granted.
I will never take for granted either, the fact that it is now possible.

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