I am not Superwoman. I am not an Angel.

‘You are Superwoman’    ‘You are an Angel’

Yes, it’s nice to have a pat on the back sometimes. It’s nice to be told we are heroes or heroines or whatever we are called. But I don’t have a superpower. I am just a mother doing what all mothers do. Fighting my children’s corner or corners in my case (in fact we make up a square by my reckoning).

Are they platitudes? Usually they are genuine compliments from very genuine people trying to understand what we have to do and why. And, possibly wondering how we manage it all.

Sometimes, life overwhelms me. There is too much to do, too many battles to be fought. Not with my children, but with people in positions of power. Often not very much power, which is perhaps why they make life harder. Maybe they need to exert power over someone and it’s often the special needs Mum.  For whatever reasons, I find myself battling and then I earn that title ‘Superwoman’ .

But I don’t want that title. I don’t want to fight. I want my children to get what they deserve, what they need, without a fight. It’s draining to be in combat mode. No wonder so many of us have chronic adrenal fatigue.

I am not Superwoman. I am a worn out mother. Instead of praise, I would like a break.

I am no Angel either. I get cross. I swear. I pray for karma to pay people back who wrong me or my boys.  I don’t want to be an Angel. I want to be a devil!

I would like to be naughty but I don’t have the energy! The desire is there but I am too tired. Instead of going out and misbehaving, I stay at home and watch TV.

But keep the praise coming. It doesn’t change things but sometimes it’s nice to be told you are doing a good job or at least, trying your hardest to do the best job you can whatever the circumstances.